CTH Licensing Regulations

Sec. 17a-227-27. Revocation, compliance orders, sanctions

(a) A license may be revoked at any time a licensee: (1) fails to comply with the licensing procedure prescribed by the department; (2) fails to comply with any applicable initial or operating standard, fails to obtain necessary waivers, or fails to submit and implement an acceptable plan of correction; (3) fails to comply with applicable state and local laws relating to building, health, fire, protection, safety, sanitation and zoning; (4) furnishes or makes any false or misleading statements to the commissioner or the department in order to obtain or retain a license; (5) fails or refuses to submit reports when required or make records available when requested by the commissioner or department or otherwise denies unrestricted access to records of individuals served by the licensee; (6) refuses to admit the commissioner or his designee onto the licensed premises at any reasonable time as deemed necessary by the commissioner or his designee to protect the health or safety of the residents.

(b) The commissioner may impose any of the following restrictions and limitations whenever a licensee fails to comply with any applicable initial or operating standards: (1) reduce the licensed capacity of the residence; (2) modify the intensity of supervision by requiring the licensee to accept staff support and additional supervision from the department; (3) require such additional training as may be necessary to correct a violation or prevent a repeat violation of these regulations; (4) issue compliance orders that must be implemented within 30 days of issuance unless the licensee requests a hearing in accordance with Sec. 17a-227-28 of these regulations. Failure to implement a compliance order may result in the commissioner taking any action authorized by this section. Compliance orders shall be issued by the commissioner by certified letter to the licensee.

(Effective August 24, 1994.)

Regs. Conn. State Agencies § 17a-227-27, CT ADC § 17a-227-27

CT ADC § 17a-227-27