CTH Licensing Regulations

Sec. 17a-227-25. Licensing procedure

(a) The regional office will review the application, and such other materials which may be required to accompany the application, for completeness and accuracy.

(b) The case manager, or other person designated by the region, assigned to the CTH will complete a CTH Home Study.

(c) The regional director will transmit to the department's director of regulatory compliance the application and related materials (including CTH Home Study) if approved by the regional director as to completeness and accuracy. If satisfied that the required application package is complete and accurate, the director of regulatory compliance shall cause an inspection to occur within 30 days to determine if the applicant satisfies all applicable initial licensing standards.

(d) The applicant shall comply with the requirements delineated on the department's fire safety inspection report. Additionally, applicants located in a building containing more than two living units shall obtain a fire marshal certificate reflecting the applicable chapter of the NFPA Life Safety Code.

(e) The applicant shall be advised in writing of any deficiencies noted in the completed residential survey and shall submit an acceptable plan of correction which is developed with regional office assistance as necessary. If the applicant fully complies with applicable initial standards the commissioner shall issue a license which indicates type of residence and maximum number of clients who may reside in the residence. The license shall be for a term of one year and may be renewed in accordance with Sec. 17a-227-26 of these regulations. All licenses are conditional upon compliance with applicable initial and operating standards and may be revoked at any time in accordance with Sec. 17a-227-27 of these regulations.

(f) The commissioner may grant a waiver for any specific standard(s), standards or other requirements that do not materially effect the health and safety of residents. A request for a waiver must be in writing, signed by the applicant, and provide the reasons for the request and any supporting documentation. A waiver granted by the commissioner shall be in writing and specify the duration and terms under which the waiver is granted.

(g) If an applicant fails to comply with applicable standard(s) and licensing procedures, and has not obtained a waiver from any such standard(s) or requirements or has failed to submit and implement an acceptable plan of correction, the application for a license to conduct or maintain a residence shall be denied. An application may also be denied if, as a result of a routine police check, the applicant or any other occupant is found to have a police record which indicates any potential risk to the resident's health and safety.

(Effective August 24, 1994.)

Regs. Conn. State Agencies § 17a-227-25, CT ADC § 17a-227-25

CT ADC § 17a-227-25