Department of Developmental Services (DDS) Options for Appeal

Depending on the type of supports and services you receive, there may be a few different options on how to appeal a service related decision made by the department if you do not agree with the outcome.
DDS Programmatic Administrative Review (PAR) - The DDS PAR provides a formal process for an individual, who is requesting or  receiving DDS annualized funding for programs or services, his or her legal representative or his or her family members to describe why they do not agree with a specific department decision concerning the individual’s funding or services provided by the department and allows for both a regional-level and a commissioner-level review to determine and communicate a final decision on the individual’s services.  
At any time during the PAR process or if the individual or his or her legal representative or family member is aggrieved by a Commissioner-level PAR decision, the individual may request a hearing from the Department of Social Services (DSS) in accordance with the provisions of sections 17b-60 and 17b-61of the Connecticut General Statutes.  The PAR process shall not apply to contested decisions for which a specific hearing procedure is otherwise provided for by law such as those hearings conducted in accordance with the provisions of chapter 54 of the Connecticut General Statutes.
Notification of the availability of the PAR is provided to an individual and their legal representative in the following forms:
- As part of the “Annual Notification” document that provides information to educate an individual on their rights and responsibilities for DDS services;
-As part of the Individual Plan (IP) signature sheet which is signed by all parties attending an annual IP meeting; and
-At any time such individual or legal representative does not agree with a service decision rendered by the department.
DDS Hearing for Eligibility Services - If an individual has applied for DDS supports and services, they must first be determined eligible.  If an individual does not agree with the outcome of the their eligibility determination they may request a hearing.

DDS Category Assignment Hearing - Any person with intellectual disability, or the legal representative of such person, may request a hearing to contest the category assignment made by the department for persons seeking residential placement, residential services, or residential support.

DDS Grievance Procedure Under The American With Disabilities Act (ADA) - The Department of Developmental Services’ (DDS) ADA grievance procedure is established to meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.  It may be used by any person who wishes to file a complaint alleging discrimination in the provision of services, activities, programs, or benefits by Connecticut’s Department of Developmental Services (DDS) on the basis of a person’s disability.  Employees of the department, who wish to pursue employment-related complaints of disability-related discrimination, may do so through the DDS Equal Employment Opportunity Office.

Department of Social Services (DSS) Hearing - As the single state agency over Medicaid, individuals that do not agree with a Medicaid related decision, or any other DSS related benefit may also request a hearing through DSS.