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Procedure No. I.C.2.PR004 Issue Date:  January 11, 2002 
Subject:  Fiscal Intermedicary Selection and
Effective Date:  Upon release 
Designated Area of Responsibility:
Individual Supports 
Revised:  January 26, 2006 
A. Purpose
To ensure that individuals and families who have an Individual Budget a have a Fiscal Intermediary (FI) who is on contract with the Department of Mental Retardation. Individuals and families with an individual budget who hire their own staff have the opportunity to choose their Fiscal Intermediary. Individuals and families with an individual budget who use qualified vendors are assigned a Fiscal Intermediary.

B. Applicability
This procedure shall apply to DMR staff with responsibility for Individual Supports, organizations
the department contracts with for fiscal intermediary services, and all individuals and/or families
who have an individual budget.

C. Definitions
Individual Budget – a budget that specifies the type of support, the cost of support and the
frequency of support for the participant. The individual budget includes one-time funds, annualized funds, and the funds for the current budget period that DMR has authorized to the participant.  The Individual Budget is completed in a format designated by the Department.

D. Implementation
  1. Each region shall have available no fewer than two approved Fiscal Intermediaries under
    contract with the department.
  2. Once the Region identifies an individual or family who chooses to hire their own staff, the
    person’s case manager or support broker shall inform them of the requirement to use an FI. The case manager or support broker will give the individual a list of available FIs, materials or brochures describing their services, and how to contact the FIs.
  3. The individual or family who hires staff will select a FI to assist them and notify their support broker of their choice of FI. The case manager or broker will fill out the FI choice form for people who hire staff and send copies of the form to the Fiscal Office, CO operations center, and the Fiscal Intermediary If an individual or family does not select a Fiscal Intermediary within 10 business days, one will be assigned to them. The assignment of FIs will be performed on a rotating basis through the operations center at Central Office at (860) 418-6029.
  4. For all individuals and families who choose vendor services the Fiscal Intermediary is assigned from the Central Office Operations Center.  For all assigned Fiscal Intermediaries, the Operations Center will notify the Fiscal Intermediary with the participants name, the case managers name and phone number.  The Fiscal Intermediary will contact the case manager or broker to verify the assignment and get a budget status.
  5. If, after working with a FI, the individual or family wishes to choose a different FI, they may do so at the change of the fiscal quarter. The region will first try to mediate any differences or conflicts between the individual and their FI. If that is unsuccessful, the individual will choose another available FI 30 days prior to end of the fiscal quarter.
E. References
  • Individual Support Agreement
  • Individual Support Procedures
  • Fiscal Intermediary Choice Form
  • Fiscal Intermediary Contact Information and Materials