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Procedure No. I.C.2.PR.003 Issue Date:  January 11, 2002 
Subject:  Support Broker Selection  Effective Date:  Upon release 
Designated Area of Responsibility:
Individual Supports 
A. Purpose
To establish a process for ensuring that individuals who receive Individual Support, and their
family have the opportunity to choose a Support Broker to assist them to direct and control their supports and services.

B. Applicability
This procedure shall apply to DMR staff with responsibility for individuals who are interested in
directing their own supports or those who have Individual Support Agreements (ISAs) with the

C. Definitions
(see section definitions)

D. Implementation
Once the Region identifies an individual or family who is interested in or eligible for individual supports, the region will identify support brokers based on current caseload size and intensity, geographic location, and areas of expertise who are available to interview with the individual.
  • The Region designee will contact the individual or family to determine if they wish to choose a support broker or have one assigned. The region will assign a broker if the individual or family so desires.
  • If the individual or family wishes to interview and select a support broker, the contact person arranges interviews with available brokers, including dates, times, and directions to the interviews.
  • The individual or family notifies the contact person of their support broker choice upon
    completion of the interviews.
  • The individual or family will have the opportunity to change brokers if they desire. The
    individual should contact the regional designee if they want to change brokers.
  • E. References
    Principles of Self-determination