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Qualified providers must meet the standards established in the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) HCBS Waiver manual.  All providers must be incorporated in the United States.  This provision may be waived for individuals who are applying to provide only consultative services. Providers must have a working email address to receive communication from the Department. It is highly encouraged for all applicants to read the HCBS manual. The DDS website is as follows:  Click on the link For Providers and then How To Become A Qualified Provider.  There will be a link for the HCBS Waiver Manual.
To become a qualified provider complete the provider application, the assurance agreement, the provider agreement and submit all necessary documents outlined in the Provider guidelines. The application packet is sent to the Operations Center where it is reviewed for content and completeness. Any missing or unacceptable items will be detailed in an email to the provider. Once the provider has submitted a complete packet and the Department has accepted it, regional and state offices will be asked to comment on any positive or negative interaction they have had with the provider over the past years. Depending on the results of those comments, the provider will be placed on the DDS qualified providers list.  Once a provider is placed on the list, they will be able to provide supports for those services they have been qualified to perform. Please remember that being placed on the qualified providers list does not guarantee consumers of the Department will choose to contract with a provider.
Components of a complete packet:
  • Provider Application
  • Assurance Agreement – must be signed and all items must be initialed
  • Provider Agreement
  • A copy of the incorporation papers.
  • Applicable policy and procedures for each service as outlined in the provider guidelines.
  • Quality Improvement plan.
  • Continuity of Operations Plan
For more information contact:
Peter Mason
Contracts Manager
460 Capitol Ave
Hartford, CT  06106