For Providers - Operational Memos

2023 Operation Center Memos
2023 Other Communication
2022 Operation Center Memos
2022 Other Communication
Health Standard No. 22-1 Pre-Admission Screening for Persons Applying for Nursing Facility Admission (OBRA)
2021 Operation Center Memos
Operations Center Memo FY21-07 Employment and Day Reimbursement Rate Changes
2021 Other Communication
2020 Operation Center Memos
2020 Other Communication

Coronavirus Relief Funds (CRF) 7-6-20
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) update Memo to Providers 6-26-20
Corona Virus Relief Funds 6-26-20
Provider EVV Declaration
IP Transcription Timeline Memo 4-30-20
DDS COVID-19 Temporary Provider Qualification Process 4-30-20
DDS COVID-19 Provider Status Report Instructions
DDS COVID-19 Provider Status Report
Provider Update 3-13-20
New COVID-19 Section 3-12-20
DDS Memo to Providers COVID-19 Guidance 3-11-20
Provider COOP Plans and COVID-19 Preparedness
DDS Invitation to ACL Challenge
Secure Website for Referrals Memo
FY20 Vendor Self Hire Rates
FY20 Funding Guidelines

2019 Operation Center Memos

Operation Center Memo 2019-09 Per Diem Authorization Audit
Operation Center Memo 2019-08 Code Guidance For Various Living Arrangements 
Operation Center Memo 2019-07 FY18 Financial Reporting Requirements
Operation Center Memo 2019-06 FY18 Annual Report
Operation Center Memo 2019-05 FY18 Annual Report Submission Deadline Extended
Operation Center Memo 2019-04 Group Day Per Diem Rate
Operation Center Memo 2019-03 Minimum Wage bill (non-POS Providers)
  Minimum Wage Bill Survey Instructions
  Staff Wage Survey (non-POS Providers)
Operation Center Memo 2019-02 Electronic Visit Verification
  Provider EVV Survey
Operation Center Memo 2019-01 Minimum Wage Bill
  Minimum Wage Bill Survey Instructions
  Staff Wage Survey
  Provider Pin


2019 Other Communication
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2017 Operation Center Memos


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2016 Operation Center Memos


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2015 Operation Center Memos
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