About the Community-Based Housing Subsidy Program

This program was developed to assist persons with developmental disabilities to meet the housing costs attributed to the rent of a community-based residence.

Any person who is receiving residential services provided by the Department of Developmental Services and who does not have sufficient income from (earned and unearned sources) and assets to pay for his or her total housing costs may be eligible to apply for a community-based housing subsidy.  New housing subsidy applicants will be added based on the availability of current year funding.

The Community-Based Housing Subsidy program may be considered after all other funding options that assist people with developmental disabilities to pay monthly housing costs have been pursued.

All applicants who apply will need to participate in the selection of a residence that is eligible for this program. A community-based housing subsidy may be used to support a person to live in any residence/home that adheres to the requirements of this program.

An inspection of the identified residence will require an inspection with the understanding that it must meet state & local fire safety standards as well the Community-Based Housing Subsidy program requirements.