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About the Independent Office of the Ombudsperson
The Office of the Ombudsman works in partnership with individuals, families, state agencies, municipalities, general assembly members and other stakeholders to help resolve their challenges with the Department of Developmental Services, in a comprehensive, coordinated, systematic, and effective person–centered manner.  Contact the office for information regarding rights and methods of dispute resolution concerning consumers and/or their families.  The results and nature of complaints and concerns are communicated to the Council on Developmental Services, the State Legislature and the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) Commissioner in order to better direct the resources of the department and to improve service to DDS’s consumers and/or their families.
Ombudsperson's Office as Information Resource
One of the important functions of the Ombudsperson's Office is to help individuals and their families seek information to help them solve particular problems.  Often consumers or their families are unclear about DDS policies and procedures (including appeals).  The Ombudsperson can help individuals become familiar with such policies and procedures as part of the options provided to help people solve particular problems or deal with specific concerns.