North Regional Director

John F. Houchin, Sr, Ed.D.
Dr. John F. Houchin, Sr. has worked in the field of mental retardation for over 30 years. He brings to his position as Regional Director an immeasurable variety of experience. He has worked in both public and private services in four states and his experience includes;, Program Director for the Cuyahoga County ARC as well as Unit Director, Residential Director and Assistant Superintendent for a Developmental Center in Ohio. Dr. Houchin also was a Regional MR Program Developer for Private Services Region IVA and Director of Day Services for the Belchertown State School, of Massachusetts. Dr. Houchin then spent time in Connecticut as the Assistant Region of Director for Day services In Region 6.
Dr. Houchin gained further experience as Chief Executive Officer for G.B. Cooley Services in Louisiana. Upon his return to service at the Connecticut Department of Mental Retardation he has been the Eastern Regional Director, Director of the DMR Operations Center and currently the North Regional Director.
Dr. Houchin is extensive experience in developing, designing, and implementing varied programs, supports, and administrative systems for people with mental retardation.
Besides Dr. Houchin’s work in the MR field, he fulfilled his military commitment as an US Army Signal Corps Officer, assigned to Germany, and worked as a management trainee.
Dr. Houchin is an advisory member of Manchester Community College Disability Specialist Advisory Board.
Dr. Houchin received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology from Ohio State University and a Doctorate of Education from the University of Massachusetts.