Common Camp Questions

How long is the summer camp at Camp Q?
Camp runs for six weeks each summer beginning on the last week of June. For registration purposes, it is currently broken down into three 2-week sessions.
How much does it cost for my child to go to Camp Q for each session?
There is no cost for eligible children to attend Camp Q.
How does the camp operate if families do not pay for their children to go to camp?
The overall operation of the camp is funded by the Department of Developmental Services by the taxpayers of the State of CT. Operational funding of the summer camp includes the salaries of administrative, managerial and maintenance staff. The DDS also funds all camp employees who are in Director or Assistant Director Positions, as well as all nursing and lifeguard positions. In addition, DDS incurs all costs of facility operations including property upkeep, utilities, maintenance and repairs. DDS does not fund enhanced staff for campers and looks to the school districts or families to fund assistance in this area.
The Helping Hands of Camp Quinebaug provides funding for eleven positions each summer. Nine positions function as camp counselors.  The other two positions serve as arts & crafts and sports & nature specialty positions.  The Helping Hands also provides additional supports to enrich the camp experience when possible.
What role does a child’s school play regarding their attendance at Camp Q?
The school districts work cooperatively with families and children, as well as DDS staff, to assist in facilitating a child’s attendance at Camp Q. Many children with special needs require enhanced staff when they are in school. Most children require similar staff enhancements while they are at Camp Q. Many schools subsidize this cost, as well as the cost of transportation. Without their assistance, many children would not be able to attend camp.
How does a person register a child for Camp Quinebaug?
Registration will be done via email through the Camp Quinebaug email address: For those without email access, we will send you the required information and forms (upon request) via the U.S. Mail.  Completed forms can be returned to:
State of CT, DDS North Region
376 Pomfret Street
Putnam, CT 06260
Attn: Susan Paul, Camp Q Administrator
Or Michelle Clinton, Camp Coordinator
If a child attended Camp Q the previous year, they would receive a full registration packet via email. The packet needs to be fully completed, signed in the designated areas and returned before the end of registration.
If a child has not attended Camp Q in the past and is eligible for DDS, they should contact the DDS Helpline for a registration packet by calling 1-877-437-4577 or via email to If the child is not eligible for DDS, packets should be obtained by contacting the child’s school district.
What if a child has a disability, is not eligible for services from DDS, and wants to attend Camp Q?
The family should discuss attending Camp Q with their school district to see if the camp environment is a setting conducive for implementing their child’s IEP goals. In order to attend camp, non-DDS campers must always have their own supervising staff with them.  If supervision will be in place, they should then contact the DDS Camp Administrator at 860-630-4035 or the DDS Camp Coordinator at 860-630-4036, to begin the process of seeking special approval to attend Camp Q.  DDS cannot provide supervision for children who are not eligible for services from the agency.  If approved, the family should register the child before the deadline designated registration date for Camp Q.
Who are the Helping Hands of Camp Quinebaug?
The Helping Hands of Camp Quinebaug are parents and caregivers of children with developmental disabilities and concerned citizens just like you!  If you have a child, friend, or relative attending camp, or just wish to give back to the community, the “Helping Hands” NEED YOU and YOU NEED the “Helping Hands”. Here’s how it works… The Helping Hands of Camp Quinebaug sponsor and engage in fundraising activities all year long to help to raise funds to pay for staff salaries at Camp Q. They also fund other improvement projects at the camp as well. Without a significant amount of money and donations from individual donors and the community, the cost for a child to attend Camp Q would be very expensive. Every year, the Helping Hands rely on getting new members to assist with all their fundraising activities, socials, dances, dinners, races, walks, etc.… If new members do not get involved with activities to raise these funds, or assist through donations, the costs will fall solely on the families of the children who go to this special camp. Caring for a child with a disability can be costly, and many children would not be able to attend without assistance. Please donate your time, your talent, your resources– anything– to keep this valuable resource to families in the Quiet Corner! So much good can come out of just giving a little!
How do you get involved with the Helping Hands of Camp Quinebaug?
Contact the Helping Hands of Camp Q to see how you can help! 
The Helping Hands of Camp Q 
34 Laurel Drive
Dayville, CT  06241
Or ask to join us on our Facebook page: Camp Quinebaug (maintained by the Helping Hands of Camp Q)
Information on people to contact who are currently affiliated with The Helping Hands of Camp Q can also be obtained by calling the Administrator of Camp Q or the Camp Q Coordinator at the numbers below.

Susan Paul, Camp Administrator
State of Connecticut
Department of Developmental Services
North Region
Voice mail: 860-630-4035
Camp Quinebaug phone: 860-779-0528 (seasonally)
Michelle Clinton, Camp Coordinator
State of Connecticut
Department of Developmental Services
North Region
Voice Mail:  860-630-4036