EGGG's Awardee of the IDPAC Innovative Employment Outcome Pilot

October 4, 2019

Amber Burke, DDS Director of Employment and Days Services and Edeline Eddy

Edeline Eddy, Founder of EGGGs with Amber Burke,
DDS Director of Employment and Day Services

The Department of Developmental Services and the Intellectual Disability Partnership Advisory Council recently announced the awardees selected to participate in the Intellectual Disability Partnership Innovative Employment Outcomes Pilot.  Interested entities were asked to submit business plans for an innovative or alternative business model that employs or encourages the employment of individuals with intellectual disability.  The pilot proEdeline Eddygram focuses on providing support and resources to ensure the success of new business ventures that integrate individuals with intellectual disability.  The department hopes these business models will also provide a framework for other entities interested in similar work.

One of the awardees selected for the pilot is Edeline Eddy.  In 2017, Edeline began making stress balls from latex balloons and playdough as a way of coping with negative emotions.  Initially, the stress balls were given away, but as demand increased Edeline began creating and selling the stress balls with some of the profit going to charity.  Edeline has named her new business “EGGGs” Edeline Gives God Glory. Customers of “EGGGs” include individuals of all ages to help reduce anxiety, exercise hand muscles or as a fidget tool.  Edeline and her family hope that her story and strength to heal, blossom and give back to society can be a model for others.

Thank you for sharing your story and for your great work, Edeline!  For more information about “EGGGs” please visit

Edeline Eddy