Notice of Intent to Submit Emergency Preparedness and Response Amendment (Appendix K) to the Comprehensive Supports Medicaid Waiver, Individual and Family Support Medicaid Waiver, and Employment and Day Supports Medicaid Waiver 

In accordance with the provisions of section 17b-8 of the Connecticut General Statutes, notice is hereby given that the Commissioner of the Department of Social Services (“DSS” or the “Department”) intends to submit an Emergency Preparedness and Response Amendment (“Appendix K amendment”) to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (“CMS”) related to the following 1915(c) home and community-based services waivers operated by the Department of Developmental Services (DDS):

  • Comprehensive Supports Medicaid waiver
  • Individual and Family Support Medicaid waiver
  • Employment and Day Supports Medicaid waiver

Appendix K amendments are temporary and expire six months following the expiration of the federal public health emergency related to the continued consequences of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) pandemic. The following is a summary of the proposed changes, as more fully described in the Appendix K amendments:

  • As permitted by Section 2 of CMS State Medicaid Director (SMD) Letter #21-003, DDS is proposing to permit an additional three 30-day periods of provider retainer payments, retroactive to January 2021, for all habilitation programs (both residential and day supports) that include personal care to ensure continuous operations and sustainability of waiver services. Each episode of retainer payments may not exceed 30 consecutive days. DDS is choosing to utilize multiple 30-day retainer payment periods with a limit of three. These three 30-day periods are in addition to the initial three 30-day retainer payment periods contained in the Appendix K amendments to these waivers approved by CMS on November 5, 2020 (CMS Amendment Control Numbers CT.0426.R03.05, CT.0437.R03.04 and CT.0881.R01.05).
  • Stabilization payments to certain qualified provider types covered under the waivers listed in this Appendix K. Rate methodology would be increased proportionally by stabilization funds during the approved rate setting process. The intent of the payments is to assist qualified providers impacted by the pandemic, as well as to assist with recruitment and retention of provider staff.
  • Incentive-based outcome payments to any qualified residential provider covered under the waivers listed in this Appendix K that transitions a waiver participant from a congregate residential setting toward a more integrated community-based setting.
  • Temporary rate increases for specific employment and residential waiver service authorizations covered under the waivers listed in this Appendix K that move a waiver participant toward a more independent residential setting or toward competitively-based employment.
  • Temporary rate increases for qualified residential and day provider types covered under the waivers listed in this Appendix K to allow such providers to modernize technology-based infrastructure, including billing processes and systems.
  • Temporary increase in the service amount cap for the Assistive Technology service covered under the waivers in this Appendix K from $15,000 to $30,000.

For a copy of the Notice of Intent summarizing the proposed changes, please follow this link.

For a copy of the complete Appendix K amendments, please follow these links. 

All written comments regarding these applications must be submitted by February 17, 2022 to: Krista Ostaszewski, Health Management Administrator, DDS Central Office, 460 Capitol Avenue Hartford, Connecticut, 06106, or via email at