Customized Employment Curriculum

Application for CT Customized Employment Training is now open. 
Please refer to attach CT CE Curriculum Overview for training dates

The full session is comprised of 4 two-week modules.  Take note that these modules do not run back to back offering trainees and instructors a week off between modules 2 and 3, as well as allowing for the Thanksgiving Holiday week.

Directors and Managers, please submit your application for identified staff. 
Due by 4:00 PM - Wednesday September 22, 2021.

Approved applicants and the sponsoring organization will be notified by end of business day Friday September 24, 2021.

If your organization is unable to attend this informational meeting, please e-mail Torrey ( to indicate your interest in learning more.

Joint ADS-DDS CE Provider Info Session Questions 9-17-21

Customized Employment Fall-Winter 2021 Calendar

CT CE Curriculum Overview 9-21

Course Completion Criteria

CE Module Outlines