2020 Innovative Employment Opportunity Grant Notice of Opportunity and Application

Under the leadership of Commissioner Scheff, the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) and the Intellectual Disability Partnership (IDP) is launching the second year of the Innovative Employment Opportunity grant program.  This opportunity was established to provide support and resources to the creation or expansion of business ventures that integrate individuals with intellectual disability into their communities through meaningful employment.
This grant program is intended to support innovative business ideas that will increase meaningful employment for people with an intellectual disability. Nationally, individuals with developmental disabilities are disproportionately unemployed, underemployed, and living in poverty.  DDS, an Employment First Agency, realizes that meaningful employment can be a cornerstone of any individual’s successful participation in their community.  The Innovative Employment Opportunity increases opportunities for people with disabilities to become self-employed or to engage with entrepreneurs in employment opportunities, thereby increasing their economic self-sufficiency. 
All applications, proposals or business plans, and relevant attachments, must be submitted electronically to Amber Burke (dds.employment-dayservices@ct.gov) by March 16, 2020.  DDS will select grantees up to the total program funding cap. Include your business name and “2020 Innovative Employment Opportunity Grant Application” in the subject line of your message.
For a link to the Notice of Opportunity and Application please visit here: https://biznet.ct.gov/SCP_Search/BidResults.aspx?groupid=121
To review a frequently asked questions (FAQ) document please view: Innovative Employment Opportunity FAQs