Health Relationship Ambassadors

Healthy Relationship Ambassadors

Healthy Relationship Ambassadors


On May 22, 2019, DDS staff from around the state participated in the “Healthy Relationship Series” curriculum to become ambassadors to promote the importance of healthy relationships for all individuals.

Planned Parenthood of Southern New England Educator, Sarah Gannon, teamed up with our DDS Self Advocate Coordinators, who have been providing team teaching for the past 10 years, to present the curriculum that was written By, For, and With Self-Advocates.

In the full day session, our DDS staff were provided an overview of what individuals experience in the six session Healthy Relationship series. The series helps individuals understand and have safe, meaningful and empowering relationships. During the first session of each series, each participant is asked to have one support person or family member join them. The support person or “safe person” is provided with an overview of the series, and is encouraged to be supportive to the participant throughout their experience with the series.   The remaining five sessions focus on allowing the participants to have a safe environment and become empowered with knowledge about healthy relationships.

During the Ambassador Day training, we had staff representation from all areas of DDS. All of the participants were selected so that they could become ambassadors for the Healthy Relationship Series.  With this training, ambassadors will help support the DDS Self Advocate Coordinators in promoting the Healthy Relationship Series and will be available to any individual participant, family or DDS staff that would like to discuss what they are learning or have any questions about the series. Informational support and guidance is also provided by Self Determination Directors, Beth Aura Miller, Amy Blazawski, and Denise Paladino.

The following individuals attended and completed the Ambassador Day Training and are supporting our Mission/Vision of having safe, meaningful, and empowering relationships by promoting the Healthy Relationship Series for everyone!

North Region: Sara Juel-Larsen, Jill Charbonneau, Jay Holley, Decymbia Fletcher

South Region: Lori LaCroix, Kelly Anderson, Tammy Senderoff, Janet Brutcher, Tracy Abeshouse

West Region: Dory Michael-Martus, Vilma Berrios, Ryan Patten, Laura Crane, Michele Brabant

STS: George Skidd, John Shea

Public: Thomas Marinak, Colson Delancy, Stephanie Dabbraccio

Central Office: Chelsea Austin, Julia Santiago

DDS Self Advocate Coordinators: Carol Grabbe, Jamie Louchen, Jeremy Powell, Jossie Torres, Kellie Hartigan, Kevin Arce, Varian Salters, and Yana Razumnaya

Healthy Relationship Ambassadors

2019 Healthy Relationship Ambassadors