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DDS eLicense

On April 18, 2018, DDS began using the eLicense application to process all initial CLA and CCH applications and renewal applications online.  Providers are now able to login online and submit applications electronically instead of on paper.  This has proven to be a tremendous benefit to the provider community as they are able to process their applications with much greater efficiency than ever before.  Providers are now able to process plans of corrections with greater ease of use also.  On the DDS side, applications and plans of correction can now be managed by DDS/QSI users within one centralized location.  This helps to minimize the management of paper files and maximize the reporting capabilities (to be developed) of having the data in one location. 
Special thanks to all those that participated in the sharing of information in order to implement the eLicense application.  Additional, thanks and appreciation  to the DDS-QSI supervisors and inspectors who volunteered to become trainers and who  helped with training users; the providers that participated in the focus group  and special thanks to everyone that has been using the application for their ongoing patience with learning the new application and providing invaluable feedback for improvements.
Please visit the DDS eLicense page.