Work for Real Pay Success Story

Picture of Jimmy Dzurnak
Jimmy Dzurnak enjoys doing real work for real pay!

Jimmy Dzurnak has worked at BJ's now for eight months.  He is earning minimum wage and loving it! Jimmy works four hours a day 4-5 days a week.  He loves to keep BJ's clean and it is an easy task for him to do.  Jimmy likes his managers and the way people treat him with kindness.

Jimmy's favorite task is doing recovery boxes.  This is when there are tons of boxes all over the store that are empty or only half full, he takes the items and puts them into other boxes to make it look clean and full.

Jimmy enjoys making money and spending it!  He is delighted to contribute to his family and getting things he likes for his room.  He just bought a new fit bit, adult coloring books, and different things that he finds useful.

In February, Jimmy was congratulated on being named BJ's Star of the month for Club 315. 
Congratulations to Jimmy for being a great employee!