DDS Project Management Page is Now Online

The DDS Project Management page, located at , provides links to the Five Year Plan and an abbreviated Excerpt that lay out the strategic framework behind the project approach.  The page can be accessed directly by clicking the Projects graphic to the right side of the DDS home page or going to the A to Z Index.  Driven by the Mission, DDS strives to evolve over the next five years into an organization that streamlines processes, leverages technology, and coordinates efforts across systems of support to better serve individuals and families.  DDS has taken  a structured approach to accomplishing the tasks and activities that will ultimately lead to better outcomes, better service, reduced waste and increased value for our stakeholders.
Quarterly Project Status Updates align each project with a Strategic Outcome Area from the Five Year Plan.  The updates show current status and help identify what is needed to move towards completion.  Each year DDS plans to provide a more detailed overview of accomplishments in a Five Year Plan Annual Update, the Quarterly Project Status Updates provide a less detailed, higher level view of what is currently underway or has recently been completed.
Please feel free to send feedback to Josh Scalora, Organizational Development Manager, via the dedicated mailbox for Projects at .