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Sib20--Sibling Support for Young Adult Brothers and Sisters!

Announcing Sib20! 

Sib20 2

Sib20 is a Facebook group where twenty-something sibs of people with disabilities connect with others who “get it.” It’s sibling support from a young adult perspective. 

Sib20 is also a community—a remarkably thoughtful, nonjudgmental community of sisters and brothers who share concerns, challenges, insights, and joys that only other sibs are likely to understand. And we share information about services, resources, and strategies that help members advocate for their brothers and sisters, themselves, and their families. 

Like the greater sibling community, Sib20 has a diverse membership. We come from all economic, religious, and cultural backgrounds. We have sibs who have autism, intellectual disabilities, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, spina bifida, fragile X, and other disabilities. Some of us think that having a sib with a disability has enriched our lives. Others of us find having a sib with a disability has been a source of distress. And for many more, it has been a mixed bag. All of these experiences are valid and all views are welcome on Sib20. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Sib20: 

Who hosts Sib20? Sib20 is co-hosted by the Sibling Support Project and Sibs’ Journey. Don Meyer (of the Sibling Support Project) and Claire Nuchtern and Renee Frederick (of Sibs’ Journey) co-moderate Sib20. 

Must I be in my twenties to belong to Sib20?  Sib20 is intended for sibs in their twenties—more or less. If you are a sib 18 to 30, Sib20 is for you! 

I belong to SibNet, the Facebook group for adult sibs. May I also belong to Sib20?  Sibs in their early thirties or younger may belong to Sib20—and are welcome to belong to SibNet as well. 

I belong to SibTeen, the Facebook group for teen sibs. May I also belong to Sib20?  If you are 18 or 19, you may belong to Sib20—and you are welcome to belong to SibTeen as well. 

Can my friends and family see what I post on Sib20? Sib20 is a closed group. This means that others can see that you belong to Sib20, but only Sib20 members can see what you’ve posted to Sib20.

How do I join? Click here and ask to join or simply search "Sib20" in the Facebook search bar.  Due to the limitations of a closed Facebook group, there’s not much to see until you’ve joined.

Thanks and please help us 

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