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Community TYZE Personal Networks

DDS is pleased to announce the launch of “TYZE”.  TYZE is a private online platform that connects people privately so they can organize supports and communicate easily with their circle/team.
As an individual receiving supports from DDS and one who private hires their supports, you are welcome to join TYZE to assist you.   We are hoping you will use TYZE to:
Communicate – post daily activities, photos, send messages, create tasks, make appointments share documents and create a calendar to keep everyone up to date.  Create a bridge between community and professionals- Family, friends, and paid staff comes together on TYZE to coordinate support  
TYZE is being introduced as an online tool for helping people we serve to expand and enhance their network of supports.  Take a look at TYZE – See for yourself –
If you are interested in signing up, it is as easy as 1, 2, 3!
  1. You must be directing or self-hiring some of your supports
  2. You need an email address and a person who will be managing the TYZE account
  3. Send an email to your regional DDS Self Determination Director that you would create a Tyze network and you will receive help to get your network started.   West Region, North Region, South Region