Budget Office Announces $54.6 Million In Rescissions
To Balance State Budget
(HARTFORD, CT) – The Office of Policy and Management (OPM) today released a list of $54.6 million in rescissions from state agencies.
The rescissions are in response to a projection that, without management action, there would be a budgetary shortfall for the current fiscal year of $99.5 million.  The rescissions for Executive Branch agencies, which the Governor makes, total $47.8 million. Legislative leaders have been asked for $0.9 million and the Judicial Branch for $6.0 million in rescissions. 
The rescissions are the second major step being taken by the Malloy administration to ensure the budget remains balanced. Last week OPM Secretary Ben Barnes wrote to state agencies, asking them to reduce expenditures and curtail hiring. 
Barnes said “As the Governor has promised, we are managing and administering the budget so that there will be no deficit. These rescissions are painful for some, but tough decisions are necessary to keep the state on firm fiscal footing. State government will live within its means, and we will not raise taxes.” He noted that “As difficult as some of these reductions are to make now, there are more, even tougher choices as we look ahead to next fiscal year.”
On Friday Barnes will brief the General Assembly’s Appropriations and Finance, Revenue and Bonding committees on budget projections for the next three years.
The Governor has statutory authority to rescind up to 5% of any line item and 3% of any fund without seeking legislative changes to the state budget. The list of rescissions attached.
Rescissions (PDF, 251 KB)