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DDS Unveils New Community Companion Homes Webpages

The Department of Developmental Services (DDS) launched a new web section dedicated to Community Companion Homes (CCH). Over the past year, CCH Committee members; Douglas Duford, West Region Program Manager, Self-Advocate Coordinator James Louchin, James support staff, Katy Pergoa, Sandy Geer, West Region Self-Determination Employment Instructor, Sarah Flynn, North Region Case Manager and Katherine Berzinaskas, Technical Assistant/CCH North Region worked on designing the site to be more user friendly and to provide more information about the CCH services. In addition to the committee, Former Executive Director of the CT Family Support Network, Jennifer Carroll, North Region Assistant Regional Director Sheryl Kemp, North Region CCH Manager Timothy Lavoy, South Region CCH Manager Kathy Calo and Toni Means and Lise Schwartz of the DDS Quality Management Services Division provided their expertise to the new site.
CCH services are provided in DDS-licensed family homes for individuals with intellectual disability. Licensees provide support by joining with others to create and promote meaningful opportunities for individuals with intellectual disability to fully participate as valued members of their communities.  Licensees also support individuals to maintain relationships with people who are important in their lives, and support them to work toward their personal goals. To ensure that people live in a safe environment, licensed CCHs must meet strict standards set by the Department of Developmental Services.
Please visit the DDS Website at to view the new CCH website.