International Author Inspires Connecticut During Weeklong Visit

“Wow”. “That is me he is talking about. He gets it!” “ I laughed – I cried – I learned”.  For many who attended the David Hingsburger Workshops in October, it was a time to listen, learn, understand, reflect and be inspired and rejuvenated.

Mr. Hingsburger, Director of Clinical and Educational Services at Vita Community Living Services, Toronto, Canada is an author and renowned international speaker promoting rights for individuals with intellectual disability. He sees the global view of disabilities and tells it like it is. He has made a difference in many lives by recognizing that we are all the same and we all need the opportunity to figure out who we are and what we want out of life.

During Mr. Hingsburger’s four days in Connecticut, he provided workshops to consumers and self advocates, family members, direct support professionals, and managers.  The workshops focused on the following topics:
  • Making Meaningful Connections
  • Just Say Know! ( Session for Self Advocates Only)
  • If You Do That One More Time:  Creating Caring Places That Support Positive Behavior Approaches
  • 5 Things You Really Need to Know About Intellectual Disability
  • Healthy Relationships: Strategies to Help Families Keep Their Children Safe.
Participants of the workshops were challenged to think about how they see disabilities and how they interact, support, and live with people who have disabilities.

David Hingsburger was able to share his insights due to the collaboration of the Arc Connecticut and DDS who sponsored the workshop.

If you would like more information about of Mr. Hingsburger’s work, please visit his blog at;  or watch him on You Tube