An Overview of the Recently Released Self Direction Manual through a Web Information Session

The Department of Developmental Services (DDS) is pleased to share an overview of the recently released Self Direction Manual (SD Manual) through a web information session.  This manual is a starting point to assist our DDS staff to support individuals with intellectual disabilities to begin taking control and living their own life.  The manual helps the reader understand the basics of self determination, developing a person centered plan that support the person’s real life outcomes, how to develop a budget that assures the person’s life goals and needs, how to be an employer by assisting to find, hire, support, and manage their own staff, and empowering people to speak up for themselves, and determining what supports and services they need to make their own life happen.
Self determination opens up the opportunities to be creative and innovative in exploring people’s capacity for an inclusive life and reaching for new collaborative outcomes.  Everyone has their own definition of living and loving life.  We are to be prepared to listen, support, be flexible, and encourage each person to live their own life.  We are here to provide an array of supports that are created around each person’s own vision and life changes.  This guide will assist staff in exploring self directed supports and give the reader a working knowledge of how to navigate the DDS system.
The Self Determination Directors, Greg McMahan, Beth Aura Miller, and Robin Wood along with the Supervisors of Case Management from the Self Determination Division, Amy Blazawski, Donna-Jean Lavoie, Nadine MacGillivray, and Denise Paladino created the web information session to accompany the SD Manual.  The web session is to share an overview with DDS staff, individuals and families.

Beth Aura Miller, Amy Blazawski, and Donna-Jean Lavoie present information in 2 parts;
Part 1 -An Overview of Self Determination, Self Direction and Self Advocacy and
Part 2 -An Overview of Self Directing Supports & Services
We hope you will find this presentation helpful in supporting people to live a self determined life.
The following links will allow you to listen to the video presentation Supporting a Self Determined Life!
Beth Aura Miller, Self Determination Director
Amy Blazawski, Supervisor of Case Management for Self Determination
Donna Jean Lavoie, Supervisor of Case Management for Self Determination
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