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DDS "Dream Team" Meets With Governor Malloy

DDS Dream Team
(left to right); Commissioner Terrence W. Macy,
Director of Operations Joseph Drexler, Fiscal Administrative
Officer Sandra McNally, Resource Manager II Evelina Bula.
Resource Manager II Crescentino Secchiaroli,
Governor Dannel P. Malloy, Program Manager Patricia Dillon,
Operations Manager Peter Mason, Resource Manager II
Patricia Jacocks, Resource Manager II Joshua Scalora
and Deputy Commissioner Kathryn du Pree.
Governor Dannel P. Malloy called them the statewide “Dream Team” and for the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) Operations Center employees it was a moment they won’t forget. Governor Malloy recently held a meeting in his office with the DDS Contracting Team to congratulate them for their efforts in timely execution of state contracts to the private provider community. It was a goal of the Governor and the Office of Policy and Management (OPM) to have all contracts for new services or renewals signed no later than 15-30 days prior to the contract’s effective date. This year, the DDS “Dream Team” executed all of their 119 contracts on time and are the only group of human service state employees who were able to accomplish this feat.

“The State’s nonprofit providers are critical partners of health and human service agencies in the state,” said OPM Secretary Benjamin Barnes. “Governor Malloy is committed to and has placed a high priority on ensuring that these services will be provided and contracted for in a manner that is cost effective and efficient for both the State and its nonprofit providers."
DDS Dream Team
Governor Malloy meets with DDS Operations
employees in his office at the State Capitol.
The Operations Team who were recognized by the Governor are; Director of Operations Joseph Drexler, Operations Manager Peter Mason, Program Manager Patricia Dillon, Resource Managers II, Evelina Bula, Patricia Jacocks, Joshua Scalora, Crescentino Secchiaroli and Fiscal Administrative Officer  Sandra McNally.
"It was a tremendous honor to meet the Governor.  In spite of his hectic schedule and many responsibilities, he took the time to make everyone feel welcome and appreciated.  It was a special day we will remember for the rest of our careers," said Joseph Drexler, Operations Director.
Dream Team
"The improvement in timeliness of our contracting was the culmination of a year and one half of redesigning our systems and could not have occurred without the hard work of all the Operations Center staff and Regional Resource Management," continued Mr. Drexler. "The Office of Policy and Management and the Office of the Attorney General also supported our effort to be more responsive through the timely completion of their associated activities.As always, the provider community was a key partner in completing the contracting process on schedule.  Their responsiveness was critical to meeting the target."
Dream Team
“It was a pleasure to meet with Governor Malloy and it was an honor to be recognized for the work our contracting team does to both ensure our providers are paid accurately in a timely manner, and for meeting the expectations of the other state agencies who govern our contracting process," said Resource Manager Joshua Scalora. “The Governor made us feel at home and at ease in his very impressive office, and for a few moments we became part of the rich history of our state."

Also attending the meeting were Deborah Heinrich, Nonprofit Liaison to the Governor, Commissioner Terrence W. Macy and Deputy Commissioner Kathryn du Pree. Ms. Heinrich requested the meeting on behalf of DDS because she felt that the team should be recognized for their work.