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DDS Announces Employment Idol 4 Winners

DDS Employment Idol 4 Winners Announced
People with intellectual disabilities want REAL WORK FOR REAL PAY!movie camera

In 2007, the DDS partnered with self-advocates and People First of Connecticut to develop the Employment Idol, an innovative project for promoting employment. Spinning off the concept of the popular television show American Idol, Connecticut’s Employment Idol showcases the employment success stories of a select group of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

For the last 3 years we have held a statewide contest seeking out employment success stories. Each year we focused on different areas.

Our First Employment Idol Contest focused on:
  • People with Disabilities Want to Work
  • People with Disabilities are Great Employees
  • People with Disabilities can Contribute – If they are given a chance!
Our Second Employment Idol selected employees that demonstrated that people with various disabilities can successfully work in the community and make real pay for the job they do.  This video focused on:
  • A good job match is important - the right job for the right person
  • Accommodations can be made to support people to be more independent at their job and the use of technology can assist people in jobs that in the past would have never been possible
  • Employers are willing to create jobs and support people with disabilities in real jobs for real pay.
  • Following your passion can lead to real work for real pay.
The Employment Idols selected for our third video demonstrated that:
  • People with various disabilities can successfully work in the community
  • People with disabilities can work for more then 20 hours a week without worrying about losing their social security, Medicaid and other important benefits.
We are pleased to announce the WINNERS of the DDS Employment Idol 4 Contest 2011. The winners are employees who:
  • Are employed and paid by a CT company not a DDS private provider
  • Are paid minimum wage or more
  • Work in a competitive setting
  • Have natural supports if needed on the job
  • Receive benefits
  • Love their job and want to share their accomplishment!
The Department of Developmental Services in conjunction with Connect-Ability is pleased to announce the following Employment Idol 4 contest winners:

Scott Martin of Groton, Ct. who has the unique job as UCONN’s Sports Manager;

Trevor Moore of West Redding, CT works as a laundry aide at Meadow Ridge Assisted Living Facility;

Brittany Sanchez of New London, CT holds two jobs – one as a Child Care Aid at the Youth Affairs of New London and a playground and cafeteria aid at The Friendship School;

Thack Choy Hin of Plantsville, CT is the chicken seasoner at Popeye’s Chicken;

Brandon Wallace of Canaan, CT works for Lindell’s Hardware Store stocking, receiving, pricing and assembly.
CONGRATULATIONS to all of the winners!