Tax Amnesty Program

The State of Connecticut is offering a tax amnesty program from May 1, 2009 through June 25, 2009.  All applicants must file an application for Tax Amnesty with DDS electronically using the Amnesty Taxpayer Service Center (Amnesty TSC).

The Connecticut Tax Amnesty Program, administered by the Department of Revenue Services, provides an opportunity for eligible taxpayers to pay their back taxes to the state while avoiding penalties and criminal prosecution.  It also offers a .25% reduction in interest (0.75% instead of the regular 1% interest rate).

Amnesty will be offered to any taxpayer owing Connecticut tax for any taxable period ending on or before November 30, 2008 either because the taxpayer:
  • failed to file a return for the taxable period, or
  • previously filed a return for the taxable period but underreported the amount of Connecticut tax.
Please visit the Connecticut Tax Amnesty Program Website for more information at