Best Buddies CT Friendship Walk 2009 - Team Captain Info Meeting


October 17th 2009, will be the first annual Best Buddies CT Friendship Walk at North Haven Middle School!  Our committee is hard at work planning the event and helping to get the word out there. And we need our help too! 

For those of you that don't know the specifics of Best Buddies, our mission is to create one-to-one friendships between people with and without intellectual disabilities in our schools and communities.  These friendships provide social inclusion and opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities and helps to integrate them into society.  Imagine if you had no friends, no one to talk to on the phone, or hang out with while you were growing up?  This is the reality that many people with intellectual disabilities in our communities face.  Best Buddies works through out the state, in our schools and community, so that everyone has a friends.  We help today's youth to be leaders in their communities. 

Best Buddies can use your help in a variety of different ways to help us reach our goals with the Friendship Walk!
  1. We need walk teams!  A walk team is pretty self explanatory, get a group of your friends, family, colleagues together and raise some money and walk for the cause!

  2. We need sponsors....from a standpoint of reaching out to people if we get our 100 teams with an average of 5 people per team they would be reaching out to 500 people in one morning!  Sponsorship opportunities vary on a wide range so if you are interested or know anyone who is please call me and we can discuss the opportunities available!

  3. On June 11th (Next Thursday) we are having our first informational session for team captains or people who just want to learn more about the walk and Best Buddies at the Clarion Hotel in Hamden at 5:30.  Please try and attend this event or send a representative...your team captain will learn all they need to know about BB and creating a winning team!
Check out the walk website at.....  You can register your team today! 

Please forward this information on to anyone that you might think would be interested in walking as a team or individual, someone that might like to sponsor the event or attend the Kickoff next week!  Thank you for your support!
Nikki Besitko