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DDS Announces New Aging Services Section of Website

The Department of Developmental Services (DDS) Division of Family and Community Services recently unveiled its new Aging Services section on the DDS website.

The section contains information about Aging Services role, current Focus team members, Announcements and Information including the Focus Team Report, fact sheets, and helpful links to additional resources. The role of Aging Services is to work with individuals, families and support providers to ensure the individuals served by DDS who are aging have access to the supports and services they need as they age and to collaborate with all our stakeholders to ensure a full range of community service options is available.
The Aging Services Coordinator, Siobhan Morgan, manages statewide coordination of supports and services for aging consumers including residential options, day and retirement supports, and health and clinical services to address individual’s health, safety and support needs. Ms. Morgan also manages the Aging Focus Team.
We are hopeful that the web page will be a useful tool for DDS consumers, families, employees and providers to access information about new service alternatives and integration of aging persons into generic elderly programs. 
Aging Services is located with the Division of Family and Community Services on the left hand side of the front page of the website.
For more information about DDS Aging Services, visit the DDS website at: