Your Regional Case Manager
What is the role of a Department of Developmental Services (DDS) regional case manager?
  • The DDS case manager is the primary contact for persons who are eligible for DDS supports and services.  Your case manager is the person you should contact with questions, issues or concerns about your family member.
When will a regional case manager be assigned to my family member?
  • If you decide to move from Southbury Training School (STS) to a community setting, a regional case manager will be assigned. Your STS case manager will remain the primary contact until your loved one has moved to their new home.
What is my regional case manager’s role?
  • Prior to your loved one’s Annual Individual Plan, your case manager will coordinate the gathering of information to complete a Level of Need Assessment (LON) designed to assess your family member’s level of need.

  •  The case manager will attend and participate in the development of the annual plan. During this meeting, the case manager will also explain the DDS Programmatic Administrative Review (PAR) process, and share information about choice of service options including self-direction, and information regarding the depart  ment’s Community and Home Based Services (HCBS) Waivers.

  • Following that meeting, the case manager will make any necessary DDS referrals and follow-up with Quality Service Reviews (QSR) one at each service location, to review the supports and services outlined in the Individual Plan.

  • The case manager will review the six month progress reviews provided by the service providers. The service provider will provide you and your family member with this information.
How often will the DDS case manager be in contact?
  • The case manager will have a minimum of quarterly contact with you, your family member or service providers (residential and day).