List of Documents You Will Sign
List of Documents You Will Sign, if you agree on your loved one transitioning into the community.
It may seem like a lot of documents to sign, but each one is important and has a purpose in order for your loved one to receive the services that fit their needs.
Signed Consent Form
You will sign this document at the start of the process.  It is the first document after you have indicated that you are interested in moving into the community.  Your consent is needed to release information about your loved one to a private provider agency.  By signing this form, you are not committed to moving into the community.
Transition Meeting Participation
The planning developed for your loved one will be documented in a Transition Plan.  This document details the steps that need to be completed prior to the move.  It will describe the services put in place for your loved one and who will provide them.  Review this plan carefully.  If you should have any questions or concerns please bring them to the attention of your Case Manager.
Waiver Enrollment Forms
Information about Waivers is described in this booklet.  You will be asked to sign a Waiver Enrollment form that initiates the exchange of funding in a congregate setting to a community setting.
Transfer Consent Form
This form documents your support of the move.  There is contact information listed you would like the assistance of an advocate.