Five Steps to Community Exploration

The process below is designed to provide individuals living at Southbury Training School and their guardians with information about how the process works should you express an interest in community options or should you decide to pursue a community residential option.  It should be made clear at the outset that, in accordance with the Messier Settlement Agreement, the ultimate decision about place of residence rests with the guardian, unless the Department believes that the representative is not making decisions in the best interest of the individual.   This process, as well as the all of the information that follows are designed to provide individuals and their guardians with information that may be helpful in making this decision.

First Step

  • At the annual Individual Planning (IP) meeting, the STS Professional Team will advise you of their recommendation as to whether your loved one can be supported in the community.

Second Step

  • You and your loved one will advise your STS Case Manager and the Professional Team if you decide to look at options in the community.

  • You, your loved one and STS Staff will then meet to discuss possible community options.

Third Step

  • You can visit some of the providers, have tours of homes or apartments, meet staff and ask as many questions as you feel necessary.

Fourth Step

  • If you have decided on a provider and residential setting, then the real work begins.

  • A Case Manager from the DDS Region will be assigned to you in addition to your STS Case Manager.  Both will work with you and your loved one through the process of transitioning into the community.

  • But don’t worry, your case managers and STS and provider staff will work very hard to make this transition as easy as possible for both you and your loved one.

  • You, your loved one, STS and the provider will meet together to identify transitional needs and a plan to support those needs and personal preferences.

Fifth Step

  • At this point in the process, a finalized transition plan will be developed and your participation in this process is important. Team members from both STS and the new home will come together with you and your family member to develop a detailed plan that identifies the supports and services your loved one needs. The plan also identifies who will provide the service.  If you have any questions, please ask them.  You will receive a copy of the written plan. There will be an IP meeting scheduled shortly after the move into your loved one’s new home.