Day Options in the Community
What kinds of Day Options are available in the Community?
Supported Employment Individualized (SEI):
Supported Employment consists of ongoing supports that enable a participant to perform in a regular work setting.  This type of day service is designed for individuals for whom competitive employment would otherwise be unlikely because of the nature of their support needs.
  • It may include assisting the participant to locate a job or develop a job on behalf of the participant. It is conducted in a variety of settings, particularly work sites where persons without disabilities are employed.

  • It includes activities needed to sustain paid work by participants, including supervision and training.

  • Supported Employment does not include sheltered work or similar types of vocational services furnished in specialized facilities.

  • These services may be furnished to participants who are paid at a rate of at least minimum wage, provided that the participant requires supported employment services in order to sustain employment.

  • Supported employment may include services and supports that assist the participant in achieving self-employment through the operation of a business.

  • For more information about Supported Employment, please speak with your case manager.
Individualize Day Support (Vocational and Non-vocational):
This type of day service is provided to individuals, tailored to their specific needs and personal outcomes.
  • Supports are related to the acquisition, improvement, and retention of skills and abilities to prepare and support an individual for work or support an individual who has their own business (Individualized Day Vocational) or for community participation or meaningful retirement activities (Individualized Day  Non-vocational).

  • This service is not provided in or from a facility-based day program. This service originates from the individual’s or family home and is generally delivered in the community. It includes any transportation required by the  individual to participate in their planned activities.

  • This service may be provided by an agency or the individual may directly hire a qualified person.

  • This service is provided as a 1:1 activity and the service provider does not work with a group of individuals. Individuals may participate in this service 5 days a week for full days or fewer days and shorter days as deems necessary. The Level of Need and Individual Plan would assist in defining the type and hours of support.