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Abuse & Neglect Definitions
(per DDS Policy I.F.PO.001)
Abuse & Neglect Definitions
Abuse:   The willful infliction by a caregiver of physical pain or injury, or the willful deprivation of services necessary to the physical safety of an individual.
Financial Exploitation:   The theft or misappropriation of property and/or monetary resources,
which are intended to be used for or by an individual.
Neglect:   The failure by a caregiver, through action or inaction, to provide an individual with the services necessary to maintain his or her physical and mental health and safety, including incidents of inappropriate or unwanted individual to individual sexual contact.
Neglect also includes the failure of a caregiver to respond to incidents of inappropriate or unwanted sexual contact between individuals who receive services from the department.
Neglect is also a situation in which an individual lives alone and is not able to provide for him/herself the services which are necessary to maintain his physical health, mental health or safety.
Programmatic Neglect:   Failure to provide oversight in developing or implementing an individual’s program, and/or ensuring staff training which ensures an individual’s well-being and safety.
Psychological Abuse:   Acts that inflict emotional harm, invoke fear and/or humiliate, intimidate, degrade, demean or otherwise negatively impact the mental health or safety of an individual.
Sexual Abuse:   Any sexual contact or encouragement of sexual activity between a family member, paid staff or a volunteer and an individual, regardless of consent.
Verbal Abuse:   The use of offensive and/or intimidating language that can provoke or upset an individual.
*Please note that the definitions for the purposes of the DDS Abuse & Neglect Registry are slightly different.  Contact your Liaison if you need that information.
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