About DDS Employment

With a workforce of close to three thousand (3,000) employees and nearly (140) separate worksites located throughout the State, Department of Developmental Services (DDS) has a significant employment presence in the State of Connecticut.  Our employees provide a wide variety of services designed to meet the direct care, professional medical and general administrative needs of the individuals we exist to serve.  Positions exist with both full time and part time status, on both a permanent and temporary basis and for a variety of shifts and schedules.

As in all State of Connecticut Agencies, employment in DDS is subject to the terms and conditions of the State Merit System.  This system ensures that opportunities are developed and candidate selections are made in accordance with State Statutes, State Regulations and applicable collective bargaining agreements.  Toward this end, positions are defined as either competitive or non-competitive. 

For competitive positions, admission to and successful completion of an announced examination is required for consideration.  Applications are submitted via JobAps web based system maintained by the Connecticut Department of Administrative Services.  Please follow this link JobAps to create a Master Application which you could use to apply for different vacancies as posted.  When there is a competitive vacancy, DDS posts positions, reviews applications and contacts individuals whose background appears to most closely meet the requirements of the vacancy.  Please remember that in order to be considered for a competitive position candidates must already be on the certification list for the given classification.

It should also be understood that some posted job announcements restrict the eligible candidates based on current employment status.  Announcements identified as for “State Employees” are open only to individuals currently employed by the State of Connecticut.  Announcements identified as for “Agency Employees” are open only to individuals currently employed by the Agency where the vacancy exists.  Announcements identified as “Open to the Public” are open to anyone who meets the experience and training requirements.

For those unfamiliar with State Employment hiring practices we highly recommend you visit the State Department of Administrative Services website