Office of the Commissioner IRB
Steps and Timelines
Investigator Submits Application Packet 

The investigator submits one copy of completed application packet 10 business days prior to the next scheduled IRB meeting. Application packet includes: 

  • DDS IRB Application
  • Copy of proposed informed consent
  • Copies of vita(e) for the Principal investigator, co-investigators, or student as appropriate

IRB application forms are available online at or by contacting the IRB Chair.

Packets should be sent to:

Office of the Commissioner Institutional Review Board
Department of Developmental Services

460 Capitol Avenue, 3rd Floor
Hartford, CT 06106

IRB Chair Conducts Preliminary Review

The chair conducts a preliminary review of the application and may:

  1. Return the application to the requestor for additional information,
  2. Forward the application to IRB members for an initial review,
  3. Determine that the study is exempt, or
  4. Expedite the review process.
IRB Meets

The IRB reviews the application and takes one of the following actions.

  • Approve with no modifications or revisions being requested
  • Approve contingent upon modifications or revisions being made
  • Request modifications and defer action pending review
  • Disapprove
IRB Chair Provides Notification

Within 10 business days of approving a research project, the chair will provide written notification to the investigator of approval or disapproval, and where applicable the expiration date and continuing review date.

Within 10 business days of approving a research project, the IRB Chair shall notify and send a copy of the research proposal and Committee minutes to the Commissioner, and where applicable, to the regional director, the director of quality improvement, or the head of the agency with jurisdiction over the site(s) where the research activity will be conducted.

IRB Chair Schedules and Conducts Continuing Reviews

Continuing review must be conducted at least annually or more often depending on the degree of risk.