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About Community Companion Homes

When circumstances make it impractical for a child or an adult to live in their family home, placement in a DDS licensed Community Companion Home (CCH) can be a great choice. The CCH model offers a family setting to people with intellectual disabilities.  Families of diverse cultures, backgrounds and composition are sought for the best possible match.

CCH Regulations provide the authority for homes to be licensed for up to three (3) individuals. However, to assure initial success, homes are initially licensed for only one individual.  After a successful one year period with an individual living in the home, the region would consider requests for increased capacity based on strict guidelines to assure the best outcomes for individuals already living in the home.  All Regional recommendations for increases in capacity are reviewed and must be approved by Central Office Quality Management Services unit.

CCH licensees provide the individual support for lifelong planning and to join with others to create and promote meaningful opportunities for them to fully participate as valued members of their communities, as well as maintaining contact with people important in their lives, and support him or her in working toward their personal goals.

To ensure that people live in a safe environment, licensed CCHs must meet strict standards set by the Department of Developmental Services.

These include but are not limited to:
  • Annual Individual planning
  • Quarterly individual  reviews of the IP
  • Monthly support visits by an assigned professional
  • Statutory requirements  for licensed community Companion Homes and DDS policy and  procedures
  • (FSIR) Fire Safety Inspection Report  
  • Annual state and local police background checks (for those over 16 that live in the home)
  • Initial and on-going training
  • Annual licensing inspection by DDS central office
  • Initial six month licensing inspection followed by annual.
The most important reward for a CCH licensee is not financial; it is the satisfaction that comes from becoming a part of a dedicated group of people who make life better and more fulfilling for others by opening their hearts and their homes.
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