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Transition to Adulthood - Planning for the Future

Transition to Adulthood - Planning for the Future
Transition to Adulthood - Planning for the Future
Questions Your Child Will Want You to Ask:  Are you beginning to view me as an adult? Are you helping me explore if I want to join a self-advocacy group? Am I learning self-advocacy skills at home and school? What increasing levels of involvement can I assume (ie: IEP meetings) and what skills do I need?   Are you encouraging and helping me learn how to ask for accommodations for my learning and physical limitations when I need help? Are you helping me learn how to share my goals, hopes and dreams at educational and other support meetings in ways that reflect my learning style? Am I making choices and decisions for myself with support from family, teachers and others in my life? What steps are you taking to start shifting control of my life to me? What skills/information do you need to help me learn to make decisions and take control of my own life?

Viewing Your Child As an Adult

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Person-Centered Planning

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