About Southbury Training School Fire Department

The Southbury Training School Department of Fire and Emergency Medical Services has been a support service of the Southbury Training School for as long as Southbury Training School has been in existence. Although its main missions remain the same today, as they were 40 years ago, the STS FD has expanded its services, upgraded its levels of services and continues to pursue new and effective ways to serve the residents, staff, and visitors of STS.
The main missions of the STS FD:

1. Emergency Fire Response – Almost 400 responses each year. Fire responses range from automatic fire alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, fires, and other requests for help.

2. Emergency Medical Response - Operating a CT Health Department Certified Mobile Intensive Care-Intermediate Transport Ambulance, the STS FD responds to over 500 Emergency Medical Calls each year, providing care and comfort to the residents, staff and visitors.

3. Routine Medical Transportation - Serving STS residents for all their medical transport needs, the STS FD conducts over 400 Non-Emergency Ambulance Transports each year, over 2,000 Wheel Chair Medical Transports each year and over 10,000 On-Campus Wheel Chair Medical Transports each year.

4. Fire Safety and Prevention - The STS FD is charged with implementing the STS Facility Fire Safety and Emergency Operations Plan. This plan is a comprehensive plan to prevent fires and prepare for fire and other potential emergencies. This includes conducting over 82 building inspections each month, fire safety and CPR training and other prevention activities.

5. Department of Developmental Services (DDS) E-Score Program- The STS FD provides Evacuation Scores for over 400 group homes across the state. This program also provides outreach assistance to providers, fire marshals and internally within DMR on fire safety and prevention and fire code compliance.

6. Other Related Duties - The STS FD provides other auxiliary functions related to fire and rescue. For example the STS FD is trained and provides stand-by service for confined space entries by STS physical plant staff and sub-contractors.