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About Southbury Training School

The Department of Developmental Services' (DDS) Southbury Training School is situated on over 1600 acres in Southbury, Connecticut. The school was built in the late 1930’s as home for individuals with mental retardation.
Today, over 525 people reside in small cottages and apartments on the rural campus. Sixty percent of the Southbury residents have lived here for the past thirty years and most have chosen to continue to call Southbury home.
The sprawling campus is comprised of 125 red brick buildings.  The school independently operates its own power, heat, sewage treatment and water plants. It has a separate Southbury Training School Fire and Ambulance department as well as a Connecticut State Police Resident Trooper. An extensive array of services such as building maintenance, transportation and its own Medical Health Care unit help to provide the needed services to the residents.
The individuals who live here participate in a variety of day programs on and off campus. They have opportunities to work in individual and group supported employment at local business, job skills training, sheltered employment and various community experience and leisure programs. The school has many leisure amenities including an outdoor pool and a pavilion for dances, parties and concerts.
The state run residential facility employs over 1500 full time, part time and consulting staff. The staff provides supports and services in a broad array of areas including: medical, vocational, residential, and therapeutic and facility support services.
Admissions to Southbury Training School closed in 1986 when just over 1,100 individuals resided here. Connecticut Public Act No. 95-236 requires the Commissioner of the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) to continue operations of the Southbury Training School. The goal of the facility has been to provide community placement opportunities for those residents that wish to move and to ensure the best quality of services for residents who choose to remain at the facility.

As the school’s population ages, the department will continue to be dedicated to providing the best quality of life for the residents and plan the future in order to meet their ever changing needs.