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Service Delivery Changes

In light of the economic times and the expected number of retirees from the Department of Developmental Services, DDS is reorganizing how we manage our services and making decisions about what services and functions will continue to be offered. This webpage has been created to help answer your questions and concerns.
Recently the department informed consumers and families who are affected by a change in case management that will take place on July 1, 2009. 
In addition, other changes that are being made include adjustments in the disbursement of Individual and Family Support Grants and who will be able to receive them. Additionally, the Respite Centers will continue to offer respite opportunities to families all year but will only be  open 5 days each week during the summer months.
Guide for Families of Individuals in IFS with No fee-for-service Medicaid

Guide for Families of Individuals in Private ICF/MR settings