School Years - Planning for the Future

School Years - Planning for the Future
Planning for the Future
Questions Your Child Will Want You to Ask:   Are you helping me learn to talk about my disability to others?  Are you encouraging me to ask for accommodations when I need them?  If verbal communication is difficult for me, do I have other ways to make my wants, needs, ideas and thoughts known?  Are you helping to start to see myself as separate from you?  Are you keeping a vision in mind for my future as I learn and grow?  Do you view me as being able to do what other children do, even if I need extra help to do so?  Do you parent me the same way as my siblings/other children?  Do you know where to find parenting tips?  Are you helping me be part of school IEP meetings?  Are you making sure others listen and value what I have to say?  Do you model, “Do with and not for”?  Are you helping me learn from mistakes?

Talking About My Disability
Students with Disabilities on the IEP team
Asking for Accommodations
Tips for Teens: Use Your IEP Meetings to Learn How to Advocate for Yourself-
Self Determination
Life Course Planning
Charting the LifeCourse: Employment and Experiences and Questions Booklet:
Person-Centered Planning