School Years - Community Living

School Years - Community Connections
Community Living
Questions Your Child Will Want You to Ask:   Is our home close enough that I can go meet with friends, shop, and learn to do other things in my community?  Am I learning the things I need to know about transportation so that I can get where I need to go?  Have you provided a place in our home that takes into account my sensory or other needs, where I can do homework and other learning activities or go to be more calm and relaxed?  Are you helping me keep my room age appropriate?  Do I ride the regular school bus or use special transportation?  Is there a neighborhood carpool we could join to take me places and also help me with making new connections?  Am I starting to learn to do things to maintain and upkeep a household? Am I responsible for completing chores?  Do I know how to call 911 for help?  Am I able to spend some time alone?

Community Access
Community Activity– Getting Teenagers Involved
Home Life
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Daily Living Skills
Age Appropriate Chore Charts