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Information about DS and BMPS

The DDS Department of Psychological Services also employs Developmental Specialists and Behavior Modification Program Specialists. Under the supervision of a Psychologist, these individuals perform the following job duties as valuable members of an interdisciplinary team:
  • Author and update positive behavior support plans

  • Collect, interpret, and summarize data on behaviors of concern, positive targeted behaviors, and psychiatric symptoms

  • Ensure that direct support professionals are properly trained in consistently implementing the recommended positive behavior support strategies

  • Provide written quarterly and individual plan reports

  • Collaborate with psychiatrists during medication evaluations

  • Participate in Programmatic Review Committee (PRC) and Utilization Resource Review meetings as needed

  • Complete annual cognitive and adaptive assessments that help to determine if significant changes have occurred in an individual’s level of functioning

  • Provide counseling/psychotherapy when appropriate

  • Assist in the development of a therapeutic milieu that focuses on providing active treatment and empathic support.