Early Childhood - Community Living

Early Childhood - Community Connections
Community Living
Questions Your Child Will Want You to Ask:  Is our home in a good school district that promotes inclusive education, so I can learn and grow with my siblings and other neighborhood children?  Have you explored adaptations to our home that will better accommodate my needs?  Do I need assistive technology for our vehicle so I can get out and explore my neighborhood and community?  Do you make sure I have responsibilities at home like other family members, such as chores?  Are you exploring how technology can assist me with daily activities?  Is our home safe?  Have you practiced fire drills with me?  Have you talked to police, Emergency Medical Services, or fire department about emergency response for me?  Are local emergency numbers and poison control information easily accessible in case something happens to me?  Are you leaving me with safe, reliable childcare when you need to go out?  Are you helping me learn who to trust and how to be safe?

Living in A Good School District
Home Adaptations
More Home Modifications Funding Sources- http://www.disabilityrights.org/mod3.htm
Vehicle Modifications
Personal Responsibility
Safety for Young Children
Tips for All Kids: