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Early Childhood - Education & Ongoing Learning

Early Childhood - Education & Ongoing Learning
Early Childhood - Education & Ongoing Learning
Questions Your Child Will Want You to Ask:
  What are the routines/strategies that will help me throughout the day?  Are there ways you can organize things differently to accommodate me better?  Are you learning about assistive technology that will help me learn?  Are you sending me to preschool?   Who will provide any extra help I might need to attend preschool?  What does my school day look like?  Am I in the least restrictive environment or neighborhood school?  With whom do I spend the majority of the school day?  How am I included at school with typical peers? Am I being exposed to and learning the same things that children without a disability learn?  Are you helping me learn to read?  Am I learning the academic skills I will need as an adult?  Am I learning about different jobs from my family, teachers and others?  Are you helping me learn things that reflect my interests?  Am I learning things I want to learn outside of school?

The Importance of Routines
Tips for Developing Organizational Skills for Children

LD Online article that is useful for all children
Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology at School– Lots of good technology information on the CT parent Advocacy Center.
NEAT Marketplace org  - The NEAT Center at Oak Hill is a place to learn about products, equipment and services that assist people with day-to-day activities that they have trouble doing themselves, either because of a disability or the effects of aging. It is also a place to donate or buy durable medical equipment.  Phone 866-526-4492

CT Assistive Technology Guidelines—CT Department of Education guidebook on assistive technology
Tech Act-The Connecticut Tech Act Project’s mission is to increase independence and improve the lives of individuals with disabilities through increased access to Assistive Technology for work, school and community living.
Pre-School & Early Childhood Education

CT Early Childhood Education –Special education and related services are required by federal and state law. This site provides information on what you need to know about CT Early Childhood Education.
CT Parent Teacher Student Association- SEPTA is a PTA within a school district.  SEPTA brings together people who are interested in special education and children with  special needs.
The Early Childhood Resource Center - legislated in 2005, P.A. 05-245, by the State of Connecticut Department of Education (SDE) within the State Education Resource Center (SERC) to promote promising practices in Early Childhood Education. Of SERC and SDE's top priorities- high quality early education is number one.
Least Restrictive Environment and Positive Behavior Support for Young Children– This Michigan guidebook explains and describes the significance of Positive Behavior Support strategies.  Positive Behavior Support (PBS) is a national initiative to apply a new way of thinking about behavior concerns of ALL students.
Special Education website


RIF (Reading is Fundamental) website provides good information on how to support literacy skill development at home.

Learning About Jobs and Preparing for Work

Great Expectations- This handbook is intended to help provide the inspiration, tools and understanding you need to help your child prepare for a fulfilling and constructive role in the workforce.
Timeline for Planning K-12 Works kills- This timeline outlines important steps to help you build a foundation for employment during your school years
Other Helpful Information

Building Partnerships Between Parents and Practitioners-A practical guide to parents and practitioners work together to enhance children’s learning and development

Building Resilience in Young Children-is a resource to help you boost your child’s ability to bounce back from life’s challenges and thrive.

Sandbox Learning Educational Tools– free articles for parents and professional

The Backpack Connection Series was created by TACSEI to provide a way for teachers and parents/caregivers to work together to help young children develop social emotional skills and reduce challenging behavior