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Early Childhood - Planning for the Future

Early Childhood - Planning for the Future
Planning for the Future
Questions Your Child Will Want You to Ask: Are you helping me learn to communicate my wants and needs to others?  Is there any assistive technology that will assist me to improve my ability to communicate with others?  Do you accept me as a child first , not just a child with a disability?  Do you help me to communicate about  my desires for the future. Would a MAPs, PATH, or other type of futures planning strategy help me to create a more desirable future? Do I get to participate in choice-making at home?  Do you help me try new things?  Do you help me to take reasonable risks?  Am I expected to follow rules like any other child and experiences consequences when I don’t?

Communicating Wants and Needs
Helping Children Express Their Wants and Needs -
Communication Assistive Technology
Communication Hope Through Assistive Technology-
Communication  Desires About the Future
Life Course Planning
Self Determination
Fostering Self-Determination Among Children and Youth with Disabilities– Ideas from PARENTS for PARENTS

Finance & Benefits

Questions Your Child Will Want You to Ask:  Are you helping me learn the importance of money?  Do I have a savings account?  Are you teaching me how to save for something I want to purchase?  Will your health insurance cover my needs?  Do you know if I qualify for special healthcare or disability services?  Do you need help balancing paying for things I need with meeting our family’s financial obligations?  Have you considered applying for services, such as Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Medicaid, Special Healthcare Needs, or Division of Developmental Disabilities?  Do you know the qualifications and income guidelines for the various programs?  Are you looking for community supports and resources?  Do you know where to find affordable childcare for me?

Helping Young Children Understand the Importance of Money
Financial Literacy for Everyone – Practical money skills for life
Help Paying for HealthCare Services
Children's Health Insurance Health Plans in CT-Medicaid and CHIP provide no-cost or low-cost health coverage for eligible children in Connecticut.
CT Health Channel: Your single source for Connecticut public and private health information
Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs –Department of Health information on medical initiatives
Government Financial Assistance
Social Security Benefits for Children -valuable resource for information about all of Social Security’s programs.
Free or low cost health coverage for children under 19 and their Families   Phone:  877-284-8759/
Medicaid (Title 19) (Insurance) – If you have SSI you can be automatically eligible via  Dept. of Soc. Serv. 1-800-842-1508 -
Katie Beckett Waiver (Insurance)  – For severely disabled children up to age 18 not covered by the “traditional” Medicaid program, waives family income  (800) 445-5394 (Press #3)
Affordable Childcare
“Care 4 Kids” – Helping low to moderate Income families pay for childcare expenses 1-888-214-5437