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Adulthood - Social & Spirituality

Adulthood - Home Life
Social and Spirituality
Questions Your Child Will Want You to Ask:
  What can I do in the community for fun and friendship? Do I want to get involved in civic engagement or leadership? Am I doing the same things as other same-age peers?  What kinds of relationships do I have in my life? Where/how can I find someone to date? Will I get married or have a family? Will I go on vacation alone or with family or friends? Do I have a supportive faith community  and what supports do I need to fully participate?  How will I maintain old friendships and make new ones?  How can I use social media to make and maintain friendships and relationships?  Do I have friends with  and without disabilities?  Do I have friends who will share decision-making about what we talk about and do together? Do I interact well with others by being a good listener and expressing myself?  How am I exploring or developing my interests or finding new ones?
Community Social Opportunities
Developing Connections Through Volunteering
Inclusive Vacation Ideas for-individuals-with-disabilities-or-special-needs/
Unified Community Activities
Special Olympics Sports
Best Buddies Electronic Buddy System
Civic Engagement & Community Leadership
The Right to Participation in Political and Public Life
Sex, Dating & Disabilities 
Faith Communities
Persons with Developmental Disabilities

Trying New Things
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