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Adulthood - Home Life

Adulthood - Home Life
Adulthood - Home Life
Questions Your Child Will Want You to Ask:  Am I still going to live in my parents’ home or move out?  What kind of living options are possible? (Who will help me figure out how to own or rent an apartment/house or if I need something provided by the service system?) What are the pros and cons of each option?  Do I want to live with a roommate  or alone? Has anyone asked me if I prefer to choose my own roommate?  What adaptations and supports are available to help me with my daily activities or routine?  Do I know how, or is there someone to assist me with tasks such as meal planning, cooking, or grocery shopping? What skills do I need to live as independently as I want, and how do I find/get help when I need it? What kind of supports do I need to live outside the family home?  Do I know how to find or ask for help when I need it in my daily life? Do I know who to call when I don’t feel safe?

Housing Options

DSS Housing Assistance, Rental Assistance Program, Section 8  http://www.ct,gov.dss/Connecticut

Housing Resources

US Department of Housing and Urban Development:

Department of Social Services

Daily Living Supports

Disability. Gov transportation resources


Home Safety Tips   (PDF 148KB)