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Adulthood - Citizenship & Advocacy

Citizenship and Advocacy

Questions Your Child Will Want You to Ask:   Are you stepping back and enabling me to make my own choices and decisions about my life (with support as needed)? Am I making most of my own life decisions and taking responsibility for the outcomes? Am I able to be assertive without being aggressive? Do you and others understand what I want and what is important to me? Have you helped me understand my choices, like moving out of the family home and other options? How do we understand and mesh supports available to me and our family?  Do I know how to lead a support team, share my vision, life plan and goals and help identify objectives?  Are other family members getting older and in need of supports?  Do you know my rights regarding housing?  Do you know my rights concerning employment?

Assertiveness Skills
Self-Determination Lesson Plan Starters

Adult Housing Options
PACER Center Home Resources

Your Rights in Adulthood
Rights & Responsibilities of Tenants and Landlords
Your Rights at Work
Legal Rights as a Person with a Disability
Your Right to Vote

Advocacy Supports
Center for Disability Rights
Office of Protection and Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities (Ages 18-59) 1-800-842-7303